Estancia las Víboras


Las Viboras is a ancient estancia located 250 km from the capital federal and 10 km from the coast of the Río de la Plata. It is part of the Tordillo party, belonging to the nature reserve of the Bay of Samborombon. In the field there are forests of typical trees of the area, deer of the Pampas, more than 200 species of birds, deer, capybaras, ostrach and many other wild animals.


An ideal destination to live and discover the secrets of a typical Argentine countryside. Being a multiphase estancia, we offer activities for all ages.


The facilities of the house and its surroundings are ideal for finding harmony and peace of mind.


The silence and the environment of the viboras connect us to nature in all its aspects.


Tastings, business lunches, birthdays, field days are some of the special events we carry out at the request of our guests.


The 10,000 hectares of territory, and its historical house make it one of the most important farms in the area. At the same time, the livestock activity of “cattle breeding“ is developed on natural grass and to a large scale, given the extension of the field.


The house has nine rooms, most of them are en suite and with a fireplace, making a total of 900m2. The view from the dining room of the house sinks into an imposing park bordered by groves of Carolinian and Casuarinas poplars, which then turn into a horseshoe-shaped forest, and ends up circling part of the tajamar. At 100 meters from the house we have a saltwater pool for our guests. The style of the house has a high influence of Río de la Plata architecture, large windows and galleries reflect a criollo style. There is an Italian type neoclassicism especially in the moldings. The structure of the house consists of two wings. The oldest and original one was built approximately in 1820, and the new one was projected in 1947.


According to the legend, a wild horse of tordillo fur (grey) that lived in the zone and never could be caught by the locals, gave rise to the name of the district. These plains located south of the Rio Salado were dominated by the Indians until, in 1740, the Jesuits settled, and in order to extend civilization, they effected the conversion of the natives. Later rulers and landowners discovered in these lands a promising future of exploitation, that is how in 1814 the first settlers of the area arrived, including Rosas and Anchorena. In 1839 the first Treaty of Peace was signed in the estancia Las víboras. The Federalist Governor of the city of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel Ortiz de Rosas, lived in the house of the estancia, and is said to have built several posts in these areas to take refuge from his unitary opponents, and in turn to prepare his troops for the combats From oral tradition heard in these payments until today, it is said that the “Viejo Vizcacha“ (a character in Gaucho's poem “Martín Fierro“ by José Hernández, who narrates the heroic and liberated spirit of the gaucho) lived for many years in a place located in Las Víboras.


We offer a varied gastronomy, international and criollo dishes. Our typical menus are: lamb roasts on the cross, the pig at the clay oven and the roast beef. All the meat is produced in the same room ensuring an excellent quality. The eggs come from our organic chicken coop as well as the chickens consumed in the farm. The vegetables we eat are all brought from our organic garden avoiding agrochemicals harmful to our health. Las víboras is a estancia that aims at self-sufficiency. At the same time our great respect for nature and the importance we give to the ecology helps us to make our guests aware that we have to take care of the environment. Recycling, composting, organic food production and self-sustainability are some of our ideals for a better world and a happier land.


Our main activity is horseback riding. Our horses are criollos or mestizos, and perfectly fit the different types of terrain. For those who wish to know the fieldwork, they will have the opportunity to accompany the Argentine gaucho in the rural tasks that characterize it.


During the walks the horses and riders will cross streams, bridges and forests of native trees. We will teach you about breeding polo horses, the functioning of the estancia, the management of farm reproduction. You will be able to enjoy a unique panorama, a dream view in which infinite esplanades delight us confusing the horizon until getting lost in the sky.


For those who wish a more quiet departure we have four vintage carriages, which date back to 1920. In this kind of walks our visitors can tour the farm and its surroundings in a comfortable and way.


You will be able to observe and participate in a great variety of activities and country customs. La Estancia has work facilities for cattle, horses and sheep. Tasks are performed to order the hacienda: caravans, vaccination, weaning, tact. Equine lovers can also participate in the “Indian and rational“ dressage of our foals who will one day play polo.


Excursions by canoe through the stream Las víboras to discover the different species of birds, ducks and water animals (the otter) that exist in this region. These rides can last for about an hour or more.


We await your message for any queries or reservations.



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Estancia Las Víboras

Dolores. Buenos Aires. Argentina

GPS: -36.195417, -57.415639